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The Triad Institute of Learning is dedicated to advancing the field of Nuclear Medicine through education, research, publishing, and identification of innovative best practices...

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Nuclear medicine isn't just our core business, it’s our only business. As the second-largest radiopharmacy network in the nation, our team members serve more than 4 million patients annually...

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The Triad Isotopes Difference

At Triad Isotopes, nuclear pharmacy isn't just our core business, it's our only business.

With more than 25 years of experience in preparing radioisotopes, our teams of highly skilled nuclear pharmacists deliver the specialized expertise and customized solutions critical to supporting and enhancing the nuclear medicine industry. Customers of Triad Isotopes can be confident that they have a trusted advisor to turn to for answers to their most challenging clinical or regulatory questions.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Triad Isotopes operates a nationwide network of more than 50 nuclear pharmacies, including three nuclear pharmacies with on-site cyclotrons for your PET radiopharmaceutical needs. Together those locations serve 4 million patients each year, making Triad Isotopes the second-largest nuclear pharmacy company in the nation.

More than anything, it is quality, safety and reliability that our customers depend on from their nuclear pharmacy. It is attention to those details, along with unwavering commitment to exceptional patient care, that best reflects the "patient centered, community driven" approach upon which we've built our business.

That's the Triad Isotopes difference.