Your Pharmacy Professionals

Christopher W. Stanton Pharm.D., BCNP, Pharmacy Manager, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
In 2015, Triad Isotopes' drivers have delivered an average of 14,267 doses per day across the Triad Network.
Bill Kraemer, Fleet Logistics Manager, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
Paula Stevens, Pharmacy Manager Triad Isotopes - Orlando
Dose calibrator linearity sleeves used for routine quality control.
Angela Hitchcock, Pharm.D., BCNP, Pharmacy Manager and RSO, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
Shahnam Z. Biglari, Pharm.D., BCNP, Pharmacy Manager, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
Triad Isotopes currently employs 131 Nuclear Pharmacy Technicians. Here, a Nuclear Pharmacy Technician II draws a dose.
Thomas J. Foley Certified Nuclear Pharmacy Technician II, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
The hands-on aspect of nuclear pharmacy is a career-path selling point for many pharmacists.
Ryan DeHayes, HR Specialist, Triad Isotopes, Inc.