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The Benefits of Prefilled Syringes

Everyone knows that generally the cost of unit dose syringes can be higher than having a bulk vial of drug on hand and drawing doses up individually. But is it really?

Triad Isotopes recognizes the superheroes of nuclear medicine in a card to be circulated to customers & colleagues @nucmedweek.
Maureen Brockman, SVP, Corporate Communications, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
Ventilation (A) and perfusion (B) scintigraphy of a patient with a pulmonary embolism.
Brian Schumer, Pharm.D., VP of Operations, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
Christopher W. Stanton Pharm.D., BCNP, Pharmacy Manager, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
FDA's Drug Shortages 2 App offers alert notifications for Android devices.
Eric Kroencke, Operational Excellence Specialist, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
Dr. Louis Sokoloff, PET Imaging Pioneer.*
Carl Riley, III,  VP-PET Operations, Pharmacy Manager, Triad Isotopes, Inc
NABP reviewed 11,000 websites selling prescription drugs and found 96% were operating illegally or functioning as rogue sites.*
Maureen Brockman, SVP, Corporate Communications, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
According to HHS,  impermissible uses and disclosures of PHI remain the top concern investigated.
David Johnson, Chief Information Security Officer, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
In 2015, Triad Isotopes' drivers have delivered an average of 14,267 doses per day across the Triad Network.
Bill Kraemer, Fleet Logistics Manager, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
Courtesy of SNMMI
Shane Scott, Vice President of Sales, Triad Isotopes, Inc.
Paula Stevens, Pharmacy Manager Triad Isotopes - Orlando