Improving Lives Through Nuclear Medicine™



Corporate Headquarters

Jubilant Radiopharma
Radiopharmacies Division
4205 Vineland Road, Suite L1
Orlando, FL 32811

Phone: 407.455.6700
FAX: 407.455.6732



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see our Pharmacy Locations Webpage.


National Sales

Brian Schumer
VP, Pharmacy Services, Western Region
Phone: 281.682.7175

Scott Shane
VP, Pharmacy Services, Eastern Region
Phone: 717.350.9705

National Accounts

Peter Manetta
Director, National Accounts
Phone: 609.915.3520
Fax: 609.632.1117

Fanny Ruffin
Director, National Accounts
Phone: 925.330.7633

Group Purchasing Organizations

Brian Malone
Director, Group Purchasing Organization
Phone: 847.830.7386

Business Unit Directors

Jerrod Brown, Business Unit Director, Florida Business Unit
Phone: 314.374.4955

Anita Shrader, Business Unit Director, Mid Atlantic Business Unit
Phone: 412.973.7662

Carl Riley, III, Business Unit Director, Midsouth Business Unit
Phone: 843.343.7602

Jeanine Halverson, Business Unit Director, Midwest Business Unit
Phone: 763.656.3275

Nicholas Plumeri, Business Unit Director, Northeast Business Unit
Phone: 516.459.5871

Micah Bounds, Business Unit Director, South Business Unit
Phone: 601.408.9944

Lynne Asman, Business Unit Director, West Business Unit
Phone: 719.213.4530


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