The majority of nuclear medicine imaging done today uses single-photon emission computed tomography, or SPECT imaging, which relies on gamma-emitting radioisotopes.

Radiopharmaceuticals are radioactive prescription drug products that are internally administered and intended for use in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The term ‘radiopharmaceutical’ also applies to non-radioactive reagent kits and radionuclide generators intended for use in the preparation of radioactive drugs and radioactive biological drug products.

Jubilant Radiopharma is your trusted source for the broad range of radiopharmaceutical products essential to SPECT imaging.

When Choosing a Nuclear Pharmacy, Consider the Following:

  • Jubilant Radiopharma procures and supplies only FDA-approved radiopharmaceutical products exclusively from FDA-approved cGMP compliant manufacturers — never from other compounding pharmacies or gray market sources.
  • In accordance with Board of Pharmacy regulations, prescription orders are required for all radiopharmaceutical preparations compounded and dispensed by Jubilant Radiopharma, Radiopharmacies Division.
  • Jubilant Radiopharma's highly skilled nuclear pharmacists prepare our radiopharmaceutical products with strict adherence to quality standards and aseptic technique to make sure our sterile preparations are safe for administration to patients.
  • Delivery of these products to the nuclear medicine customer is accomplished in a professional manner with adherence to hospital security and patient privacy considerations.
  • Jubilant Radiopharma has developed an industry-leading quality management and internal safety audit program to provide metrics around compliance with applicable regulations and standards, and to investigate root causes of quality-related events. Our pharmacists report events and incidents to proactively identify medication delivery system weaknesses that might lead to a medication error.
  • Jubilant Radiopharma is making a significant capital investment in our facilities to ensure they meet appropriate standards for sterile products as defined by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Chapter <797> Compounded Sterile Preparations and Board of Pharmacy regulations. Our company also fully supports industry compounding guidelines as provided by SNM, NANP, ASHP, APhA and others.
  • We are actively participating in the standards review of USP Chapter <825> Radiopharmaceuticals – Preparation, Compounding, Dispensing, and Repackaging and are working with customers to help them be ready for its deployment in late 2019. Jubilant Radiopharma currently meets and exceeds all requirements of USP Chapter <825>.
  • Standardized and recurrent staff training in aseptic technique and hand hygiene, along with process validation, ensures that the risk to the patient from an injected product is minimized and kept at the forefront.
  • Our local pharmacists are available to answer your questions and to be a trusted advisor in providing information about radiopharmaceuticals – they are the experts!


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